Orange Assembly of God is a mission’s church!  We look to our community, our nation, and the world to find opportunities to bring the gospel to those who haven’t heard the good news.

Coordinator: Jim Guthrie 


Our local missions focus is directed through many community outreach opportunities throughout the year. Among activities we participate in are:  Community Fun Day, local street festivals, Parades, to name a few.  We also partner with other outreaches like the pregnancy center and the local jail ministry. We reach out beyond our local area by providing the following national and international missionaries with our monthly financial support:

Luke and Sara Bates
BGMC Offering 

Peter and Amy Bullette

Mark Cannon

Richard P. and Elaine Caswell

Kevin Dawson

Tatupu and Megan Fiti

 Peyton and Clover Harris

 Jeffery and Elizabeth Hartensveld 

 Terry and Carl Hosch

Fred and Betty Howsare

Donna Krstulovich

David and Celia Olsen 

Bill Parks

 Gary and Deborah Seevers Jr.